upcoming EVENTs

6.29.19 Private Wedding in Toronto, CA

6.29.19 Everyday PPL After Party 11-3am at Miss Things

7.2.19 JOYCLUB at Cloak & Dagger 10-2am

7.3.19 Elleven (ATL) 10-3am

7.4.19 Rosebar (ATL) 10-3am

7.5.19 Injera & Chill Day Party at Pushers Co 3-7pm

7.5.19 Opium 10-3am

7.6.19 GeLittht Brunch Day Party at Suite Lounge 10am-5pm

7.6.19 All White Party at Josephine 9-2:30am

7.7.19 Republic 10-3am

7.10.19 Reggae at Marvin DC 6-10pm

7.11.19 Amsterdam 9-2am

7.13.19 Neptunes Vs Timbaland at Pure Lounge (2nd Floor) 7-10pm

7.13.19 Ozio 12-3am

7.14.19 Litty In The City at Lost Society 4-6pm

7.14.19 “Game.Set.Match” at Spin DC 6-10pm

7.17.19 Cherry Poppin at The Room (LA) 10-2am

7.18.19 Freehand Hotel (LA)

7.19.19 Word of Mouth at A Simple Bar 9-2am

7.21.19 Ice Cream Sundays at Lock & Key (LA) 3-9pm

7.27.19 Everything Nice at Marvin 3-9pm

7.28.19 Sunday Service at Brooklyn on U 4-9pm

7.31.19 Reggae at Marvin 6-10pm

8.3.19 Sotto 10:30-3am

8.4.19 HIP HOP Boat Party 6-9pm

8.10.19 Amsterdam 11-3am

8.15.19 Lost Society 6-10pm

8.16.19 Safari Lounge 5-8pm

8.16.19 Babygirl at Big Chief 10-3am

8.17.19 Amsterdam 10-3am

8.18.19 Nappy Hour at Sandlot SW 3-9pm

8.22.19 Vices at Flash 9-3am

8.23.19 Soundcheck 10-3am

8.24.19 Riddims at Big Chief 10-3am

8.28.19 Reggae at Marvin 6-10pm

8.29.19 Amsterdam 9-2am

8.31.19 Top 8: A 2000’s Party at Velvet Lounge 10-3am